Last Updated: APRIL 20, 2015

1. Introduction

RCS is an extension for the website plug.dj. We added a lot of features and extras for the user base of the website and incorporated plug.dj's design elements and customised the experiance you have whilst using their website. We include many different features that range from automated voting, moderation tools, customization of colors and design and everything inbetween.

2. Information We Collect

We have a socket server that you connect to automatically whilst using the extension on plug.dj. We do not store any personal information or have the means to collect any data whilst you are using the extension and connected to our Socket Server.

The information we recieve from you (The user) is; your user object (API.getUser()) and what community you are currently in. This information is volitile except for your user ID As soon as you disconnect or the Socket Server is shutdown or restarted, this information is destroyed. We do not use this information to track or collect data about what you do, what you say, or collect information about your account or personal information. This data we recieve is for statisitcal analysis only, to accurately measure how many users currently use our extension at any given time. We store only your user ID to calculate how many unique users RCS has

Even though we do not collect and store your data with anything personal, including; Messages, Playlists, Friends, Plug Points, Subscription Details, and your general usage of plug.dj, we do use your connection as a counter for our statistics on who is using RCS.

3. Non-Personal Information

We collect no information regarding your IP address, location, browser, or any other information regarding yourself, the individual.

4. Cookies

We do not use any cookies when you use RCS.

5. Third Party Sites

We do not pass on information of our users to any one. It is completely private and confidential.

6. Data Storage

We host your settings data of your configuration in Local Storage only. All information gathered whilst you are using plug.dj with RCS is strictly local data only. We do not send information anywhere except our socket server.

7. Amendments

We may amend this Privacy and Security Statement at any given time. Your responsibility to keep yourself updated as to changes to this Privacy Policy is the same as in our “Amendments” section in our Terms of Service.