Our main functionality

Sleek Menu Design

Based on the current design of plug.dj. Our menu fits in perfectly with the current UI of the site, in a verticle easy to navigate menu. Just toggle on/off what you want, or edit the styles yourself.


Easily change the background from a pre-defined list, or put your own custom background instead. Change the chat colors to how you like, show the legacy chat and/or footer, or just remove everything entirely!

Lots of Moderation

Run your own community? With RCS you can have many UI moderation features as well as some useful commands such as /ban and /whois. Our special feature is seeing deleted chat messages!

Custom Mentions

Sometimes you wish you were notified about something but don't always get @mentioned. You can set your own list of words you want to be notified about when they are mentioned in the chat!

The whole list of awesome things


Custom Community Settings (CCS)
Smart Vote
Auto Woot
Auto Grab
Auto Join
Chat Images
AFK Message (Auto Responder)
RCS + Twitch Emotes (Over 16,000 Types) Always Updating!
Special Chat Formatting!
Keyboard Shortcuts
Desktop Notifications
Prevent Accidental Navigation


User Votes (On You!)
User Join
User Leave
Friend Join
Friend Leave
Level 1 Join
Level 1 Leave
User Woot
User Meh
User Grab
Just Played
Now Playing
Booth Alerts


Work Mode (With/out video)
Hide Video
Fullscreen Chat
Fullscreen Video
Alternative Styling
Hide the video frame
Alternative Header
Alternative Footer
Legacy Chat
Legacy Footer


Inline User Information
Quick rollover tools
Chat Logs (Displayed in Developer Console)
Chat History (Downloadable to .txt file)
Meh Combo Alerts
Song in History Alerts
Song Duration Limit Alerts
Show deleted chat messages


Background Changing
Chat Colors
Chat Sounds
Custom mentions
User Nicknames
Limit the Chat limit (Default: 512 messages)

Other Things

Supporter Options
Brand Ambassador Tools
Multiple Languages
Special Badges for Translators, VIP, and Donators
Automaticly checks for updates
plug.dj Theme Changer
Chat suggestions (For emotes)

Feature Details


SmartVote locally records all your votes you do manually. So if you 'Woot' or 'Meh' a song, it will remember that vote for the next time that song plays. However, if you do use AutoWoot, it will not record your 'Woot' votes, only the 'Mehs'.

Chat Images

With this, you can see chat images and videos in your chat. We support most extensions including *.webm. We also check your chat images server side to ensure they are not too big to be displayed, which can be customised to suit you.

Special Chat Formatting

You can use special characters to format your text in different ways. You can use _this_ for Italics, *this* for bold, `this` for Preformatted, ~this~ for Strikeout Text and \this\ for quotes!

Basically. With this enabled, you cannot press the backspace button, close the browser (or tab) or refresh without a box asking if that's what you really wanted to do. Saves you from those accidental backspaces which cause you to leave the room.

User Votes (On You)

You might not want to see who votes what for every single play, but if you are the DJ, you may be curious. With this enabled, you will see in chat who Meh'd and who Grabbed your track!

Booth Alerts

You can get notifications on when you are about to DJ. If you have it set to just when you are next, it will flash red in the top right and also sound notify you when you're next. If you have it notify you anywhere else, it will sound notify and flash slowly blue from when you wanted to be told.

Work Mode (With/out video)

Work mode strips down the User Interface of plug.dj. It removes all the "fun" aspects including the avatar's, badges, and anything else considered "not suitable for work". You can either have the video, or not show it at all, the choice is yours! (Music will still play)

Inline User Information

When this is enabled, each chat message from a user will not only show their username, but also beside it their user ID and their level. Could be useful for those moderators who need it.

Quick rollover tools

When you click on someones username in the chat or in the userlist. It will come up with three additional options; Quick Ban, Quick Mute and User Information. Ban and Mute give the lowest times available (1 hour and 15 minutes respectively), whilst User Info just shows all about them in the chat.

Meh Combo Alerts

When a user meh's songs 5 times in a row, it will notify you. It only adds up the score 5 seconds before the song ends so that it is accurate.

Chat Logs and ...

Chat logs are quite basic. If enabled it shows you every chat message inside the developer tools Console window. You access this by pressing F12 and selecting "Console". Where as...

... Chat History

When you use this, it saves all chat messages for the room you are currently in locally. You can then, if you wish use the command /exportchat to download every chat message since you have been recording it. However, this is only a temporary log, so if you refresh or join another community, it will wipe the storage.

Like what you see? Seriously go drag that button to your bookmarks!