Crazy list of shortcut fun!

Keyboard shortcuts opens up even more possibilities for faster moderation or just to simply mute the song playing, all from your keyboard! They are case sensitive and they are disabled if you are talking in chat.

Main Functions
Key Function
CTRL + QWork Mode
CTRL + Alt + QWork Mode with Video
ALT + DDashboard
ALT + JJoin Waitlist
CTRL + ALT + JLeave Waitlist
ALT + 1FS Video
ALT + 2FS Chat
ALT + 3Hidden Video
SPACEBARMute/unmute audio
Key Function
tFocus Chat Input
pOpen playlist view
uSwitch to users list
cSwitch to chat view
fSwitch to friends list
hOpen history list
+Raise Volume
-Lower Volume
Key Function
zBan the current selected user permamantly
xMute the current selected user for 45 minutes
vRemove the current selected user from waitlist
SHIFT + @Show the user information of the selected user
These are only for Brand Ambassadors with the special functions. To select a user, just click their name in chat or in the community list.

Come on! Seriously go drag that button to your bookmarks!