Here we go....

4.6.0   - Fix Autojoin
        - Staff Join Notif
        - Staff Leave Notif
        - Lang Updates
        - CCC Updates for Staff
        - Developer Join
        - Developer Leave
        - CSS Updates for the staff notif color
        - Settings Updates

4.5.6   - Fix AutoJoin
        - Fix CCS Rules
        - Cleanup
        - SmartVote Improvements

4.5.5   - Fix user notifications issue where you had to have User Join on to see any others (aka friends or level1's)

4.5.4   - Fix user rollover buttons.

4.5.3   - History Alert Patch
        - (Urgent) User Notification Patch!

4.5.2   - Fix userJoin and userLeave Notifications

4.5.1   - Nicknames everywhere!
        - Added RCS specific class names to User Rollover and onChatRecieved
        - Added rs.skip() which does self skipping and force skipping
        - Added Nickname to rs.getUser()
        - Updated API.getUserByName() to also work with nicknames
        - CSS Updates
        - Language Updates
        - Prevent p3 styling loading even when disabled!
        - Added RCS specfic class names to UserList
        - Removed "free-radicals" visualizer from the list
        - Added even more visualizers (21 total now)
        - Use "truthy" method for calling CCS.

4.5.0   - /Unban added
        - /Mute added
        - /Unmute added
        - Bans and Mutes can be changed with their duration now
        - Improvements to nicknames
        - Fixes to onChatReceived
        - Update CSS
        - Update default colors
        - Added "developer" language
        - Working on /strobe !strobe
        - Modified addChatReceive
        - Added addChatReceiveExtended (Does not parse HTML and adds a few things)
        - Tweaks to performance
        - New style sheet added for special users
        - Lots of language updates
        - Updated avatars, badges, themes, languages options
        - Autosnooze on smart vote meh
        - Autosnooze on /automute add
        - When /reloading RCS, it now removes all our DIVs in the chat too!
        - Lots of new emotes
        - Custom classes with the userlist (thanks CookieMichal)
        - Re-organized settings
        - Splitting up Utils, starting with chat messages we send, now its in its own object __chatMessages.
        - Added new theme NYC
        - Added all possible avatars etc, but I need to fix to remove the ones not released yet.
        - Updated lists.json
        - rs.getUser() function added
        - Tonnes of code removed to now work solely with rs.getUser() instead.
        - Even more custom soundcloud visualizers
        - Fix rs.getUsers() to not use object Literals
        - Update languages
        - Update Version
        - Fix trailing commas
        - Delete obsolete files

4.4.0   - New Commands
        - P3 to RCS Converter
        - Remove Custom Emotes if not required
        - Reordering

4.3.3   - New /vol command to change the volume
        - Added more Visualizers for SoundCloud
        - Bug fixes!!
        - Language Updates!

4.3.2   - Fix a.format to be

4.3.1   - Visualizers

4.3.0   - Import/Export settings
        - Show Time Elapsed
        - Bug Squashing.

3.19.6  - All TastyPlug Emotes with Permission.
        - Verbose loader
        - Small history view
        - Global css change not just room.
        - Showing Meh's is a rule with CCS
        - Fix: AutoGrab not unfavoriting a community
        - Fix CCS Meh Rules
        - Prevent Alternative theme styling break CCS.
        - If CCS is active, force check and turn off Alt Theme.
        - Lightboxed images.
        - Check if room is tastycat, force CCS

3.19.5  - Tastyplug emotes.
        - Update Comments
        - Update Languages

3.19.4  - Add css for twitch and rcs logo in Chat Suggestions "Magic"

3.19.3  - Update css, update special.json
        - Change regex for chat formatting,
        - Added ~ for strikethrough text and
        - \ for quotes.
        - Replaced @xBytez chat formatting with ReAnna's version of parsing
        - Add option to delete RCS messages, added our own CID for on chat received and an ID CID for our append ones.

3.19.2  - Possible fix for replying to every message
        - Add a.type === "mention"
        - Added /nick help
        - Added a callback when using /nick

3.19.1  - Custom Usernames aka Nicknames for users :P
        - Show a tooltip on nicknames (to show original name)

3.19.0  - Allowing CCC alongside CCS
        - New model window for Chat Sounds
        - Okay, only prepend the CCS stuff, everything else should append.

3.18.0  - CDN

3.17.0  - Userlist Magic
        - Fix for CCS Title
        - hidePlaybackImage()
        - Merge Inline Images Toggle with Max Image Size options.
        - Update CSS for User waitlist showing icon-meh and appending grabs
        - Colored rcs logo
        - Styling Tweaks
        - Lang Updates

3.16.0  - Default RSS on
        - Force load rules regardless.
        - Change defaults
        - RSS is always true or reset to true, unless stated otherwise. (By yourself turning it off, it adds to an array of default off rooms)
        - New room rules

3.15.4  - Toggle for slack style formatting
        - Lang updates
        - RTL improvements

3.15.1  - Patch dc lookup in /whois
        - RTL

3.15.0  - Added Volume control with scrollwheel over volume and video.
        - Added disconnection info on users using /whois."
        - Added patch information to ver.json (MUST USE AS EACH UPDATE SHOWS THAT INFO)

3.14.0  - Slack Style Parsing
        - Added quicktools
        - Fix for CCC
        - Added reset button for CCC
        - Fix for mentions
        - Fix for custom mentions
        - Fix for auto responder

3.12.10   - /lovespam for manager+ only
        - /lovespamv2
        - /fire
        - Language updates
        - Emote Updates
        - Added Chat History
        - Added /exportchat

3.12.4  - Stop force reloading when there is an update. Only tell the user to update.

3.12.3  - /commands
        - /reload
        - Raw Chat Logs

3.12.2  - Fix whois
        - Whois usable by all
        - Update lang

3.11.6  - Tooltips for functions

3.11.5  - Patches for close()

3.11.4  - Add smart vote

3.10.18   - Change opacity for deleted chat messages
        - Fix for Smartvote

3.10.17   - Added booth alert
        - Prevent autowoot if the smartvote is a meh.

3.10.16   - Fix CCS

3.10.15   - Fix lag issues. Made LiteMode Redundant!
        - Attempt to make autojoin more OP (untested)
        - Few minor tweaks
        - Fix colors

3.10.14   - Test /strobe

3.10.13   - Fix room location parsing (remove the / out of it)

3.10.12   - Fix CCC and CCS conflitcs

3.10.11   - Patch for user information rollovers not showing ID or Rank for Mentions and Emotes.

3.10.10   - Patched up breaking bug regarding Custom Chat Colors! T_T

3.10.9  - User Rollover thumbnail border is colored to staff, sub, admin or BA colors now
        - Custom Chat Colors show in Waitlist
        - Custom Community Settings Chat Colors and Icons show in Waitlist
        - Subscriber Icon is now Visible in Waitlist (For some reason plug hides it)

3.10.8  - Fixed Deleted Chat. Added some magic to it!

3.10.7  - Squish!!

3.10.6  - Many attempts not messing up. Fixing Bugs, Squish all the things!
        - Allow Autowoot with SmartVote. Though it will not keep track of you use AutoWoot (Only tracks your meh's)
        - We have improved our playlist search function! We now save your playlists in your browser storage so you don't have to wait so long everytime you re-run RCS/refresh You can reindex your playlists by using /reindex, we will then save your playlists again. Try it out! (Example: /find Taylor Swift)

3.10.5  - Bug fixing on /lovespam
        - Moved commands to new system
        - Added new rules allowSmartVote and forceSmartVote for CCS users.

3.10.4  - Bug fixing on Custom Chat Colors

3.10.3  - LocalStorage playlists (when using /find)

3.10.2  - Lots of language updates and parsing of said languages (instead of just English)

3.10.1  - Checks chat moderations. If you lock or unlock waitlist, RCS updates it's knowledge of the status of the waitlist. (Should patch autojoiners joining locked waitlist!)

3.10.0  - Added SmartVote system!
         Basically. AutoWoot becomes manual. Once you vote for a track, the next time it plays, you will vote automatically the next time!
         E.G If you Meh a song, it will record it for you. If it plays again, you will AutoMeh that track!

3.9.2   - Bug Fixes with /whois and /whoami

3.9.1   - Moderators can only use /whois now
        - Added /whoami for users
        - Fixed typos
        - Preparing for languages
        - Altered CSS for new functions

3.9.0   - Re-written Command Controller
        - Fixed bugs
        - Added /whois

3.8.2   - Added plug Alpha theme for supporters
        - Fixed language bug!

3.8.1   - Added Friend Leave Notification
        - Added Lvl 1 Leave Notification

3.8.0   - Added Themes menu! Supporters only option! (Change the theme of from any of their styles they made)
        - /find results can be played now. This is with the video preview window like when you are on your playlists.
        - Updated themes!
        - Updated backgrounds!
        - Updated frames!
        - Switched from to to (it's complicated)
        - More fixes related to re-loading RCS (STOP LOADING BEFORE YOU JOIN!)
        - Added weirdEscape function
        - Updated Languages
        - Tweaked styles
        - Modified the CSS for new options
        - Cleaned up some code that was obsolete now

3.7.11  - Old Style Chat will show badges still on user info windows

3.7.10  - Fixed issues with specialRanks

3.7.9   - Added more languages

3.7.8   - Fixed breaking bug with RCS. Reloading RCS will work properly now and not break the entire site.

3.7.7   - Do not re-load RCS till you have fully loaded into the room!

3.7.6   - Fixed RSS loading issues when you don't include all settings
        - TRY, CATCH
        - Fixed spelling errors with checking for items

3.7.5   - BA's are now immune to certain functions

3.7.4   - Added Friend colors to RSS
        - Added Marquee

3.7.3   - Change handling of requests to servers

3.7.2   - Added fix for FireFox users (Sorry!)

3.7.1   - Fixed the unload function

        - Changed the buttons for Donation and Website
        - Added subscriber color for RSS
        - Added custom colors to userlist
        - Added custom chat colors for RSS
        - Added custom icons for RSS
        - Lots of fixes regarding RSS
        - Added secondary roles to users (If BA and Staff etc)
        - Tweaked Colors
        - Altered roomState() to work properly for checking locked waitlist
        - Fixed custom mentions breaking emotes
        - Added /find for searching playlists
        - Added custom playback and background for RSS
        - Made /find look nice!
        - Remove case sensitivity from /find
        - Language selection cleaned up and improved
        - Alias added for /find with /f
        - Added /reindex for playlists
        - Lots of bugs fixed with RSS images and parsing
        - Added /duplicates for finding duplicate tracks in playlists
        - Added languages

3.6.0   - Added lots of fixes
        - Working on RSS. Rules work and CSS import works!

3.5.2   - Added WorkMode + Video
        - Cleaner Legacy Chat
        - Allowing import of RSS from p3, started it, will follow "Rules" only right now.

3.5.1   - Tweaked Lite Mode
        - Added minimizing the menus!

3.5.0   - Added "Lite Mode" which disables a lot of session data and storage. 
        - Hopefully makes it faster for larger communities.
        - You can hide the menus!
        - Few tweaks to UI
        - Performance fixes with priorities
        - Removed ULTRA twitch fix

3.4.4   - Added a command for developers

3.4.3   - Allow to actually work correctly!

3.4.2   - Hopefully fix ETA issue
        - Added Latvian
        - Updated Translator List!
        - Tweaks

3.4.1   - HotFix for volume issues (though intermittent)
        - Few tweaks to loading
        - Language updates

3.4.0   - Added ETA!!! (Finally)
        - Reduced amount of different ticks into just one function
        - Bug fixes
        - Updated language files

3.3.26  - Fixed certain /commands not working. Due to using the wrong if statements...doh!

3.3.25  - Changed priority order for AutoJoin
        - Changed look/feel for Woot/Meh/Grab list
        - Work mode shows no video now (due to content usually played on
        - Changed Version to Ver now to prevent conflicts with JS

3.3.24  - No information

3.3.23  - Renamed toggle "Chat Sounds" to "Custom Chat Sound"
        - Patched Custom Chat Sound to not activate unless its enabled
        - Added back "badoop.mp3" to be used instead of "Custom Chat Sound"

3.3.22  - Added a tick to check the chat limit every second. If it's above the custom limit or 512, it will remove one line per second till it's normal.

3.3.21  - Altered the voting users overlay to size to the vote buttons
        - Removed some CSS
        - Added all the languages translated to RCS (even if you can't use them)

3.3.20  - Vanilla fullscreen video works with the new voting users windows :P

3.3.19  - Added an overlay to the vote buttons to show the currently voting users (woot, meh, grab respectively)

3.3.18  - Patch custom mentions breaking URLs with your mention inside it.
        - Prevent Debug mode being activated when not a developer! (Helps with lag issues)
        - Found bug where chat limiting seems to "stop" when not focused on window.

3.3.17  - Patched Chat Limiting to have a maximum of 512 messages or a minimum of 1.

3.3.16  - Added Chat Limiting. Issue is that with our integrations, plus showing deleted chat, the chat was getting larger than 512 messages. So we have limited it to no more than 512 messages ourselves. Plus, you can set your own limit!
        - Patched some errors.
        - Working on fixing lag issues!

3.3.15  - Custom mentions now highlight like a normal mention, and will show in your "Show Mentions Only" Tab.
        - Still need to implement highlighting the mention word. TO DO!

3.3.14  - Added Alternative Playlist Footer style (Curtosy of Heebee)

3.3.13  - Desktop Notifications Fixed HTML parsing (removed it)
        - Desktop Notifications Fixed it not disappearing
        - Desktop Notifications Fixed so only shows when not focused window
        - Desktop Notifications Fixed with custom mentions issue!

3.3.12  - Added Desktop Notifications

3.2.11  - Patched changing community going crazy and constantly re-loading. Latency issues.

3.2.10  - Fixed Show Deleted Chat not turning off!

3.2.9   - Fix Work Mode and Legacy chat popout user boxes not displaying/positioning correctly!

3.2.8   - Fixed Show Deleted Chat messages. Was only working if you were staff and a Brand Ambassador...DOH!
        - Language Updates

3.2.7   - Added AutoMeh
        - Added AutoGrab
        - Added Alternative Header Style
        - Re-Organized emotes JSON
        - Updated all Languages and FIXED JSON!
        - Started using Utils.getSpecialRank

3.2.5   - Screencloud Inline Chat images support
        - Had to change default to rsdefault because JS hates using words like that
        - Altered emotes.json to work differently
        - Fixed trailing comma issue

3.2.4   - Added /ban
        - Added /unban
        - Added /mute
        - Added /unmute
        - Added new language phrases 
        - Altered user info window

3.2.3   - Added inline user info

3.2.2   - Grammar fixes in Languages
        - Fixed close button with maximgsize Model window

3.2.1   - Pathces to Work Mode working with new footer style (and Legacy)

3.2.0   - Old Chat is now Legacy Chat
        - Added Legacy Footer
        - Added toggle for deleted chat messages to show/hide

3.1.0   - Show Deleted Chat messages

3.0.4   - Lots of CSS additions
        - Changed max image size to be in KB not Bytes

3.0.3   - Maximum image file size added
        - Model window added for max file size

3.0.2   - Added multiple rank sections in the RCS menu
        - Added Dev Menu
        - Added Supporter menu
        - Added Moderator Menu
        - Removed certain functions for Moderators Only!

3.0.1   - Cleaned up obsolete language code
        - Pre-setup for RCS cleanup round 2

3.0.0   - Removed Whole Menu
        - Redesigned menu system in sidebar instead
        - A crazy amount of CSS added
        - Redefined all the toggle options
        - Made model window for AFK message
        - Made model window for Background changer
        - Edited model window for Background selector
        - Removed 150 lines of obsolete code
        - Removed old styles
        - Added lots of new removal code when closing RCS
        - Improved Fullscreen window mode
        - Improved scrolling in new Menu system
        - Fixed icons displaying incorrectly
        - Added RCS Icon instead of icon for RCS menu

2.5.20  - Actually fix the Stream toggle button
        - Removed Stream toggle from everywhere except in video overlay
        - Finally added the language for /automute
        - Auto Mute now works!

2.5.19  - Patch for playbackmodel. Stream button removed temporarily

2.5.18   - Fixed error loading emotes.json. Issue with restarting RCS

2.5.17  - Removed Mirror
        - Removed Invert

2.5.16  - Emotes added

2.5.13  - Small tweaks to UI and

2.5.12  - Fixed Vote and DJ button hiding when in normal mode
        - Fixed user information such as "Radiant Developer" showing on other users, fixed now as it removes on click.
        - Text edited on BA key shortcuts so you know what you pressed when you havent selected a user.

2.5.10  - Swapped around ranks ordering
        - Languages Updates
        - Added 10 Emotes

2.5.9   - Fix issue not checking if fullscreen mode or not.
        - Fix issue not checking if workmode or not.
        - Removed Facebook and Twitter from Work Mode
        - Added 20 Emotes

2.5.8   - Fixed stupid errors, missed out !rs.running
        - Re-defined window resize and click events
        - Added 22 Emotes

2.5.6   - Added /riot
        - Added /deal
        - Added /5dollar
        - Remove Avatar from Work Mode
        - Patched Fullscreen Video to work with Work Mode

2.5.5   - More CSS Changes
        - Added /tableflip
        - Added /tablereset
        - Added /sparkle

2.5.4   - Fix the languages
        - Fixed custom mention sounds

2.5.3   - Lots of Emotes added
        - Patched CSS

2.5.2   - Added AutoMute
        - Changed lengthAlert
        - Changed autoJoin
        - Changed songStats
        - nowPlaying

2.5.1   - Broke it loading. Patched it!

2.5.0   - Prepared for custom chat sounds
        - Updated chat mentions
        - Added Custom Mentions
        - Edited menu to look a lot better
        - Quick fixes
        - Update languages
        - Update CSS
        - Added /love
        - Added /lovespam
        - Added /cycle
        - Added /lock
        - Added /unlock
        - Added /shrug

2.4.8   - Added checking of roomState

2.4.7   - Fixed Language files not working correctly
        - Added CSS
        - Added /devtest to check styles
        - Stop lengthAlert being default true (caused problems and confusion!)

2.4.6   - Fixed bug with chat logs not displaying correctly (needed to clear the row)

2.4.5   - Added Song Length Alerts

2.4.4   - Added a warning for users running multiple extensions. Mainly because users complain about being IP banned when running more than one.

        - This means images and emotes from the same user in merged chat messages will load properly now!
        - Super Important goodness

2.4.2   - Parse multiple images/emotes in one message (for somereason it was crying)

2.4.1   - Added emoji tooltip

2.4.0   - Added All twitch emotes
        - Added Custom Emotes
        - Added button to enable/disable emotes
        - Updated Languages
        - Removed extra JSON loading (for some reason loading twitch_sub_emotes.json twice)
        - Setting for customEmotes now works (meaning it wont show customs now)
        - Replaced Integer with Number

2.3.14  - Update History check not displaying correctly

2.3.13  - Fixed Meh Combo to only update near the end of the track (if people autowoot)

2.3.12  - Lots of things happened
        - Added a feature to check if you are in the same room, if not, reset and re-run!
        - Languages updates
        - Added /banall for BAs and Admins

2.3.1   - Update all the lists

2.3.0   - Super cool way of calling the script, ALSO MUCH FASTER LOADING TIME!
2.2.2   - Added functionality to get nofified if a user mehs over 5 times in a row.

2.2.1   - Made the model window and information easier on the eyes

2.2.10  - The Day xBytez ruined Variable's A to Z.... :(
        - Simplier calls and for loops for CCC, CBG, and User Model Window.

2.2.9   - Secrets.

2.2.8   - Remember, close your HTML tags.

2.2.7   - gRole IS NOT THE SAME AS role!

2.2.6   - Clean Up

2.2.5   - Added a way to actually use the new user model window

2.2.4   - Tonnes of CSS Addons
        - Added more BA functionality
        - Model window for all User information

2.2.1   - Added Work Mode
        - Fixed CCC and CBG saving in the settings, no no no NO NO!
        - Changed method loading JSON files

2.2.0   - Added Thanks for the backgrounds that we did not make
        - Added all plug backgrounds we could get
        - Added multiple donator ranks, bronze, silver, gold, custom
        - Auto Enable CCC and CBG if they save it or edit it.

2.1.9   - Tonne of clean fixes on the UI

2.1.8   - CSS fixes, was being weird.

2.1.7   - A lot of the work for the backgrounds

2.1.6   - Phase 1 for xBytez
        - Added new model window
        - Added custom backgrounds menu
        - Added a tonne of css
        - Fixed delete button on small chat

2.1.5   - Anti HTML

2.1.4   - Stop autojoining when waitlist is locked

2.1.2   - Fixed CCC and its defaults

2.1.0   - Custom Background!
        - Quick Fixes
        - Language updates
        - More language updates

2.0.1   - Fix Skip button
        - Fixed afk responder not working sometimes (due to being saved as recent if you re-run the script. became permamant)

2.0.0   - Changed the style of language files, organised and easier to read.
        - Tonnes of style fixes to make it look better. Though CCC looks really bad.
        - Just obilterate it, break it, make it generally broken then put it back together better.

1.12.5  - Tonne of bug fixes, like, wow.
        - Temp fix for the force skip button not quite working as intended.
        - Remove staff CSS as became obsolete.
        - Added staff rank to CCC

1.12.1  - Would be a good idea to have a toggle for CCC
        - Broke languages because we're awesome!
        - Added default CSS to the styles, so that it doesnt break if you select nothing.
        - Another Save and Close fix.

1.12.0  - Added Custom Chat colors
        - Added CSS for CCC
        - Fixed history check
        - Cleaned code
        - Added failsafes for calling CCC
        - Added new menu's
        - Added more css
        - Changed the menu style from main to model
        - Tonnes of breaking at this point
        - Make sure everything closes correctly
        - Added reset to CCC
        - Added save and close to actually work properly this time
        - Added borders to show what HEX color you used for the CCC
        - Fixed CSS
        - Fixed CSS again
        - No, this is stupid.
        - Released.
        - Added custom ranks. (Dev, Vip, Donator, Translator)

1.11.5  - Added track and artist to the History Notification

1.11.3  - Fixed a tonne of issues relating with Custom Chat

1.11.0  - Added Custom Chat icons, colors, ranks stuff.
        - Added new JSON files

1.10.2  - Fix History
        - JSLint happy fun time...not.
        - Fix easter egg.
        - Added developer stuff

1.10.1  - Made the forceskip button autohide if you are not able to use it. Will show if you are the DJ (and not moderator)

1.10.0  - Added customisation to the AFK message

1.9.7   - Stopped Chat ID being undefined.
        - Added new languages (French)

1.9.6   - Konami Code
        - Spelling errors
        - Language updates
        - Added .done() to make sure RCS loads correctly in the right order.

1.9.4   - Updated languages
        - Added new strings
        - Added new CSS styles
        - Added Forceskip button near history button

1.9.1   - Fixed languages not parsing correctly

1.9.0   - Added notifications
        - Level 1 User joins
        - Friend Joins
        - Added toggles for new functions
        - Fixed not closing correctly
        - Cleaned up code
        - Added loop fixes
        - Updated all languages

1.8.6   - Who put that trailing , in the AJAX?!

1.8.4   - Fix BA functionality not firing correctly
        - Added Dutch translation

1.8.3   - Bug Fixes within the BA Dashboard

1.8.2   - Cleaned up code
        - Added a nicer feel to the menu

1.8.1   - Added BA functionality (secret)
        - Added more menu's to the BA Dashboard

1.7.24  - Fixed bug with User Interface
        - Fixed Chinese language displaying incorrectly
        - Updated CSS for correct styles

1.7.22  - Initial Commit (Seriously I didn't log anything before this, just know it was good times)
        - Language updates (Malay, Chinese)
        - Added BA functionality
        - Added BA Dashboard
        - Added CSS for the Radiant Team specifically

1.0.0   - Before Records even began...

Just so you know...

We're not the best at keeping this up to date. But we will do our best to give you a breakdown on what each patch/update is about and what we have done. There may be pieces missing but we'll try to fill it in as best as we can!

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