Customize everything!

Seriously. Everything.

From changing the chat colors, to changing when to notify you on a track being over a certain amount of minutes. We have it all for you! You can change your AFK status message, the background of and change what messages notify you. Of course, you can also make the chat or the video fullscreen, change the footer and header to be even better, or set the window to "Work Mode", which hides most of the UI for you!

Background Image

Moderation Functionality

We added many tools that could potentially assist you in your community. You want to have the freedom to easily manage and moderate your community with just a few simple tweaks to the UI.

You can see deleted chat messages! A highly requested feature that if a chat message gets deleted, you can still see it. This can be extremely useful when checking what someone has said prior to it being removed. For screenshots and evidence purposes.

Next to the users name in chat, you have the option to show the users level and their user ID as well, for easy reporting of users to higher up staff or Ambassadors of

There are many other cool features, such as a skip button for yourself if you are the DJ, or if you are a moderator, you can skip other DJs very quickly! Why not try it out for yourself!

Cool added UI functions

It's all about the little things that make a big difference!

We have tried our best to make the experience of as amazing as possible. So you have the freedom to do what you want in RCS. We are constantly looking at ways to improve your experience every day. We look not just at the bigger things, but all the small tweaks inbetween. We feel all the small changes we can make, can lead to something perfect for you.

Like what you see? Seriously go drag that button to your bookmarks!